1. Do Lumidolls come with a guarantee?

Affirmative. If there is a mistake in your order or a remarkable manufacturer flaw, we will send compensation, support you in the replacement with instructions in case some joint fails due to a manufacturer flaw or send a new sex doll with no cost for you.

2. How does Lumidolls guarantee work?

When your sex doll is delivered, you should inspect her body and be sure everything is satisfactory in the first 24 hours after delivery.

If you find any manufacturer flaw, you contact our Customer service in the first 24 hours after delivery informing about the order number and attaching high-quality photographs or video. We will respond you in the next 24 working hours.

3. Return policy

If you think your sex doll must be replaced, do not utilize it. Lumidolls does not accept used sex dolls in any case.

We merely accept the return of the sex doll in case of manufacturer flaw notified to our Customer service in the first 48 hours since delivery.

The sex doll must be returned in the original packaging with all the accessories and completely new. We will inspect the doll and if we conclude it has been used, we will not replace it.

4. When is guarantee fully effective?

The guarantee is completely effective when the sex doll is returned completely new, in the original packaging and without having been used. If there has been intimate contact, we will not replace the doll although we will do our utmost to remedy the problem. 

5. Is Lumidolls guaranty better than other sex dolls?

Affirmative. Only Lumidolls offer a complete guarantee of your sex doll. Other brands would never accept the return of a sex doll.

6. Why Lumidolls guarantee is so much more complete than others?

Lumidolls is not just another sex dolls seller. Lumidolls invented the world's first hyper-realistic sex dolls brothel in Barcelona. Our service and quality satisfy the most exceptional standards being the Customer service one of the most important.

7. Why Lumidolls are not just sex dolls?

When you buy Lumidolls, you are buying so much more than just a sex doll. We grant the wishes of the most demanding customers with hyper-realistic dolls and outstanding personalities. They are not just sex dolls, they bear a soul. They are done with the most superior materials which bring them the most amazing resemblance to a woman.

Before your sex doll is delivered, she has gone through our quality inspection. Her skin, canals, skeleton, wig and everything in her, must satisfy our quality test so you can enjoy your Lumidolls from the distinct beginning.

We are pleased to release you photographs of your sex doll following the quality inspection. If you demand it, nothing but write, "releasing me photographs" as a comment when placing your order.

Lumidolls aims to generate you an absolutely satisfied erotic life and fulfil your emotional needs. We care for every unique detail to achieve you feel your sex doll as a genuine woman, as your girlfriend and somebody to share the most intimate moments with.

We want to wholly satisfy our customers. Lumidolls only uses the highest-quality materials, cares passionately for the details to make her look hyper-realistic and ready for an intimate relationship with you.

In our catalogue, you can merely find the best sex dolls able to fulfil your expectations as if your soulmate would be waiting for you at home.

8. What is uncovered by the guarantee and why?

Sporadically there may be small skin blemishes during injection mold and its removal.

Loose fingernails. Although our inspection process is very demanding, sometimes nails may be unglued and fall. To resolve it, you can use our special adhesive for nails and eyelashes.

Loose eyelashes. Lumidolls addresses the doll with a mask to protect her delicate eyelashes. Sometimes eyelashes may be unglued and fall. To resolve it, you can use our special adhesive for nails and eyelashes.

Damages that are not manufacture flaws. If your doll shows damages different to manufacture flaws will be unreplaced. If questionable damage has occurred and it is suspected that it has been inflicted by the user, Lumidolls will be irresponsible.

Negligence. If you treat your sex doll recklessly or carelessly, Lumidolls will not replace the doll although we will do our utmost to correct the problem. 

Slight differences in the semi-permanent make-up shown in photo model and real.

In the case the doll has been used sexually, Lumidolls will be irresponsible.

9. Can I connect with other Lumidolls owners?

Club Lumidolls attend our private forum for owners of the world's finest sex doll. Not only it is an expansive way to introduce your doll to other members, but all members on top gain 20% off in all the accessories.

10. What particular upgrades can I get with my doll?

If you want to prepare Lumidolls to your liking, there are many options to manage it. You can order real hair eyebrows, handmade hyper-realistic eyes, human hair wigs, freckles, custom labia, big boobs, the shape of the nipples and specialty pubic hair. If you love fantasy, you can order eyelashes, eyes, fangs, elf ears and much more. Let us grasp how the perfect sex doll looks like for you and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

11. What kind of people buys Lumidolls?

In fact, anyone could buy Lumidolls. Artist, filmmakers, futurists, photographers, scientists, health professionals, housewives, single men and women, couples who love to play, people looking for something exotic, set designers, decorators, adult retailers looking for the ultimate mannequin, or anyone who wants to experiment the world's most realistic sex doll.

You can follow some of the opinions by Lumidolls owners on our website. If you would like to submit a comment, please contact us.

12. Do you have more questions?

If after reading our answers yet doubts remain, please contact us. We cherish a confidential relationship with our customers.

In our Customer service, you can talk to others who know Lumidolls in depth and even owe some of them. You can request anything you want and do not worry privacy is extremely important to us. We are prepared to listen to you in everything you have to say, even complaints, with the best intention.