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We are sure after having watched Lumidolls catalogue you have a lot of questions.

Here you can find a list of questions and answers we frequently get asked. If you don't see your question on the list, you can contact us by email or phone.

Lumidolls information

A LumiDoll gives you the amazing feeling of stroking a human skin. This is possible thanks to the TPE. To experience the most realistic touch, the TPE is the best option since it is very soft and gentle and the most similar material to our skin.


         -It is slightly more compact than TPE and therefore more durable.

         -Higher price.

         -Easier to clean.

         -Suitable for human contact.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

         -Natural and gentler touch.

         -Realistic ‘jiggling' of breasts and ass.

         -It is more elastic. It allows the dolls to be more flexible at elbows ,
         knees, ankles, etc.

         -Pleasant heat retention.

         -Less expensive.

         -Suitable for human contact.

         -Less durable than silicone in case you do not care for it properly.

The built-in or fixed vagina is exactly like in a real woman. The removable vagina is flesh light tube that you can insert and remove from the doll.

Most of our customers choose the built-in vagina as it offers the most realistic experience; nevertheless, the easiest to clean and replace is the removable vagina. It depends on what is more important to you. Complete realism versus something easy to pop-out and clean after use.

The duration of your sex doll depends on how much you use it and the good care you take on it. We can say it lasts from 2 to 10 years. The more you use it the more she is likely to suffer wear and tear. We strongly recommend you to read Lumidolls Care to preserve and maintain your sex doll. Do not worry if after all the maintenance some damages appear. It is reasonably easy to perform repairs on your sex doll. We include a free repair kit for any doll damage, a free cleaning kit to keep her always in the best shape and nails to replace if needed. To preserve your sex doll in the best condition the longest, we invite you to read our posts about it.

Cleaning your sex doll is a crucial part of this relationship. Cleaning and hygiene are so important not only to preserve the wellbeing of her but also yours. Fortunately, cleaning your sex doll is easy and can be done in a few minutes.

Please read carefully how to care for your sex doll and how to clean your sex doll.

The most effective way to store your sex doll is vertical, hanging in your closet. We offer a suspension hook which is the best option to preserve your sex doll. Prolonged exposure to sunlight might dehydrate the skin of your sex doll. Some of our customers store her in a sitting position, others lying on her back. Both popular storage positions are fine as long as you make certain she is not wearing any tight clothing or dark colour fabrics for a extended period. Dark colour fabrics or objects like newspapers may stain the doll's skin after prolonged exposure.

Dark colour fabrics. These may stain the doll's skin if in contact for a prolonged period of time.

Tight clothing. Elastic bands may produce lasting marks if they are left on during storage.

Remember not to store your LumiDoll with tight clothing.

Sunlight. The sun may damage her skin. Facial features could fade unevenly.

Extreme temperatures. Your sex doll is delicate as a woman. Do not expose her to hot and cold temperatures. It may warp your doll's feature over time. Normal fluctuations are not a problem. Only below freezing and extreme heat should be avoided.

Pressure points. If anything is pressuring for a period of time the skin of your sex doll you might find indentations. That is why is so important to suspend the doll in the air or rest on a soft surface.

You should keep your doll away from dark fabrics and tight clothing. If you would like dark clothing, you should wash them before. After enjoying your sex doll remove the dark clothing from her. The best clothing is light coloured and loose fabrics.

No, the size is the same. The difference is in the ankle which has been redesigned and the sole of the foot reinforced.

No, the standing foot is rigid. It is flat at 90 degrees and can bend at the ankle downward to 150 degrees. You cannot move the standing foot upward, or side to side.

Only flat shoes are recommended for standing. Sex dolls can wear high heels while not standing.

We offer the standing foot option for dolls 100 cm and above.

Shipping information

Lumidolls are delivered only to a verified shipping address. If you want it delivered in a different location let us know before you check out.

Your Lumidolls is accustomed especially for you. Once the production starts, you cannot cancel your order.

Lumidolls are shipped in a large blank box. We care for your privacy.

Customs Agents may open your doll's box for inspection during transport.

Delays during production will be notified by email.

We will email you a tracking number when your doll and accessories ship.

Producing and shipping your sex doll take from 15 to 20 days depending on the country, customs, etc.

We include everything in the price, but there might be some countries with the obligation to pay over import taxes. Lumidolls is not responsible in this case.

You should expect to receive your doll within 15 to 20 days of placing your order. We require from 15 to 20 days for production and shipping. Free items like extra wigs, clothes, or even an addition head will be included in case of delay.

Affirmative. You can arrange to pick it up at your local UPS, DHL or FEDEX.

Lumidolls are shipped naked.

Typically the female dolls include a piece of lingerie or negligee. The male dolls include a boxer and a tank top.

All dolls are sent with a free cleaning kit to keep them always in the best shape. In addition, you will get the adhesive for reparations, one piece of clothing, a small bottle of Extreme Remove to erase possible stains on the skin and nails to replace if needed.

To preserve your sex doll in the best condition the longest, we invite you to read Lumidolls Care.